Medical Field & Healthcare Litigation

Personal Injury & AccidentsPart of running a successful healthcare business is dealing with unforeseen issues and problems that arise between other medical providers, big insurance companies, and the government.

The Bergquist Law Firm has handled a variety of medical field and healthcare issues and litigation matters, including:

  • Physician and healthcare employment and non-compete matters
  • Partnership and Practice Group issues and disputes
  • Physician ownership in medical facilities and ancillary medical service companies
  • Billing, collecting, and appeal issues for non-payments and under payments from third party payers
  • Disputes with commercial health insurance companies
  • Regulatory compliance and government investigations
  • Anti-kickback and Stark issues

Having legal guidance on these issues is important to both you and your business. Success in practicing medicine or running a healthcare business is much easier and less stressful if you have an experienced healthcare law firm on your side.