Aqsa Siddiqui

Aqsa Siddiqui was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She received her Bachelors in Business Administration and Science from The University of Texas at Austin. During her undergraduate career, Ms. Siddiqui had the opportunity to intern for a Texas State Representative. In May of 2017, she received her Doctor of Jurisprudence from Texas Tech School of Law. During her law school career, Ms. Siddiqui worked at Legal Aid and the Title XI office at Texas Tech. 

Ms. Siddiqui joined the Bergquist Law Firm in 2017 where she now focuses on representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. In her spare time, Ms. Siddiqui enjoys going to Crossfit, biking, and spending time with family.  

Bar Admissions: Duly admitted and licensed as an Attorney and Counselor at Law to practice in all Courts of the State of Texas

Direct Line:  (713) 337-8955

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